Staff Retreat Day

Book a happy and energetic dance class as a Staff Retreat Day activity! The dance lesson is guaranteed to refresh the mind of the team and it’s always fun to do activities together – the Staff Retreat Day dance class doesn’t require previous dance or exercise experience, but we tailor the lessons exactly to your own experience within the group. The dance course is an easy and energetic way to enliven everyday life, and our facilities are located along good transport connections in Kamppi. Staff Retreat Day can also be held at work or online at exceptional times!


Our range of lessons includes rhythmic and sunny Cuban salsa, atmospheric bachata, energetic and fun latino mix, reggaeton and boombata, or alternatively we can customize a fun zumba, for example, according to the wishes of your group!

Staff Retreat Day hour is priced according to the size of the group:

3-10 persons 150€
11-15 persons 185€
16-20 persons 200€
21-30 persons 250€

The online class is implemented more cheaply depending on the customer’s wishes. We can also keep the hour of the Staff Retreat Day in the location of your choice, but in that case the price and possible additional costs will be agreed separately. Showers and changing rooms are at your disposal. We also carry out Staff Retreat Day activities at short notice, so feel free to contact us and book a fun Staff Retreat Day activity today!

Baila Baila is located in Kamppi, Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki.

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