A dance trip to sunny Cuba?

Join us for a memorable dance trip with Baila Baila! Dance trips are a great way to spend the holidays as they combine the sun, friends, new acquaintances, dancing and a happy atmosphere. You don’t have to have previous dance or exercise experience when you come on a trip, Baila Baila’s teachers will take you into the world of dance along with new acquaintances where you are guaranteed to find the joy of dance.

Baila Baila has been organizing sunny dance trips for several decades. The destination for dance trips varies depending on the season, but the all-time favorite of sunny and cheerful Cuba is a standard destination. Traveling to Cuba combines dance, sun, a cheerful atmosphere and a relaxed holiday. You don’t have to know anyone from Baila Baila or be our customer to go on a trip – everyone is warmly welcome!

At the moment, dance trips are just a dream, as you can find the Havana sun in Baila Baila’s own dance lessons.

You don’t need previous dance experience for a dance trip!

Are you interested in Cuban culture and want to experience it through authentic Salsa? For dance trips, you do not need to have previous dance or exercise experience, but the dance lessons for the trips are tailored through the expertise of the clients. The content of the dance lessons on each trip varies depending on the purpose of the trip. In Cuba, each client gets their own dance teacher and the level of lessons thus goes according to the client’s dance level. In a week or two, you are guaranteed to learn the basics of Cuban Salsa and get to hone your own dance skills at local dance clubs!

5 reasons to go on a dance trip to Cuba

1. New acquaintances and friends.
2. Dance brings joy and energy to your holiday trip!
3. Deeper exploration of culture with the locals.
4. Sun and heat!
5. Cubans know how to enjoy life and teach it to others as well.

Dance trips to other destinations

Baila Baila’s tours are not only limited to Cuba, but we also organize dance trips to other parts of the world. Popular summer destinations have been Spain and Croatia, but in the winter there has also been dance trips to Mexico, for example! Upcoming trips will be updated on this page. Baila Baila also tends to take its customers to various dance festivals, which are held all over Europe during the summer. The festivals feature dancing with great star teachers and partying in the evenings at dance parties with other dance guests. Festivals are a great way to develop your dance skills with the guidance of professionals!

There are currently no known trips, but a trip to Cuba in the winter of 2021 is planned. So stay tuned and ask more at baila@bailabaila.fi.