Want to start a dance hobby in the middle of the season? Do you need more private instruction? Do you want to dance exactly according to your own schedule?

Then private lessons are the answer just for you! Private lessons are always tailored to the client’s level and wishes and are a great way to practice dance effectively, with quality and guaranty to learn quickly. Private lessons give you all the knowledge the teacher has and they allow you to develop your dancing in a more detailed way than group lessons would. One private lesson corresponds to several group lessons and is a great way to learn the basics of dance or hone awkward step patterns for you.

Book your private lessons via e-mail baila@bailabaila.fi and tell us your own wishes for the lesson in the survey and we will try to arrange the best possible private lesson just for you! We also organize private lessons outside our facilities, but there may be additional costs for the lesson.


1-2 persons 120€

3-10 persons 150€

11-15 persons 185€

16-20 persons 200€

21-30 persons 250€

Beginners private lesson package with San Miguel (salsa & bachata) 5x 60min 400 €. Ask more at baila@bailabaila.fi.