YELLOW = BEGINNERS This is the place to start! Here you don’t need any experience. We will slowly take a look at basic steps, rhythms and techniques. Classes do progress a bit every week but for the first month or two you can still jump in, season start in January and September. If you are unsure weather you can join beginners level classes in the middle of the season, Baila office is happy to help.

When you have visited about 6 months or more on these lessons you might want to take a step further and try other levels. Open level classes that suit everyone are also marked on yellow, such as boombata, jooga, barre, etc. These classes you can join any time.

GREEN = IMPROVERS On improvers level you should already know the basics. Quicker learners can come and try these lessons right away or after a couple of weeks of training. Notice that we don’t have beginners level (yellow) in all of our styles. On our more special lessons (for example salsa con rumba) requires you to already know the basics and this is why these lessons are available from improvers level only. You can also go on improvers and beginners level classes at the same time. Green level classes are still easy going but challenges will increase weekly.

BLUE = INTERMEDIATE Intermediate level will be suitable for you after you have danced about one year. You have better knowledge about the basics and you are ready to learn more advanced choreos. On intermediate level we will learn how to dance with faster music and we are focusing to manage social dancing. Teaching is also quicker and challenges will be rising weekly.

PURPLE = ADVANCED On advanced level you can already dance free dancing and you have good understanding about the rythms ans basic patterns. You should also know some styling and learn more pretty quickly. On advanced level we will focus on new choreos, patterns, more advanced styling and most importantly on finding your own dancing style.

In autumn schedule we also have closed courses, where teaching follows the weekly plan and allows students to learn quicker and more efficient way. Course can be attended either by paying the full semester course fee or by purchasing autumn season card or Baila Baila membership. All members and season card owners need to register in advance too and commit to participating the full semester. Anytime-card or 10 and 20 times cards are not accepted on courses and they cannot be participated with single fees either. Baila Baila Weekend Fri-Sun 30.8-1.9 will offer a chance to try closed courses too. See all courses and register here.