Class descriptions

The basic form of SALSA is comprehensively described above in the Salsa introduction text.

You can read about BACHATA in the introduction text above.

RUEDA is an authentic Cuban couple salsa danced in a circle where a teacher leads the group. The couples are changing and the going is fast! Rueda is filled with joy, energy, and it’s a quick and effective way to learn couple salsa patterns names! You don’t need your own partner for the lessons. You can join the beginner level rueda as soon as you master the basics of couple salsa.

URBAN SALSA is a dance based on the rhythm, technique and steps of Salsa, playing urban salsa songs and mixes from various pop music songs. This class is very energetic, fast-paced and captivating!

SALSA FLOW is a special class by maestro Yasser!

SALSA LADIES STYLE is a technique lesson for women that practices feminine movement and stylization to the beat of Salsa’s steps and music. Ladies style classes are great for all women who want to develop their own dance to the next level.

SALSA CON RUMBA (& AFRO) is an hour for intermediate and advanced dancers that mixes the rhythms, body use and patterns of Afro-Cuban rumba and afro with traditional Cuban salsa.

AFRO (CUBANO) Afro classes are primarily for intermediate and advanced dancers, as Afro recommends mastery and basics of Cuban rhythms. In Afro classes we practice different Orisha dances that believe in the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria. In afro beginner classes we dance and practice the basic steps of the Orishos and make short series focusing on the right body movement typical for Afro-Cuban dances and the orthodox expression of Afro-Cuban dances.

TIMBA The Cuban timba refers to a very broad mix of music and culture. As music, timba is usually faster paced and percussion oriented. In Timba, salsa combines the steps of rumba, Cuban Afro dances and salsa footwork. When dancing timba, the body is used in a variety of ways, emphasizing variations in the rhythm of the music. From the point of view of dance, dancer or rumbero, timba is the dancer’s maximum expression based on the music he listens to at a given time. Timba is a rhythmic and harmonious revolution due to the merging of the Afro-Cuban genre into rock pop, reggae, hip & hop and jazz. Cuban timba is synonymous with joy, rhythm, flirting and provocation.

PARISALSA STYLING is a class for intermediate and advanced dancers, where you practice styling couple salsa, finding your own dance style and adding even more difficult patterns and movements to your couple salsa.

SALSATON is a mix of energetic salsa and reggaeton.

COUPLE SON The history of Latin American son music dates back to the early 16th century, when it was a general concept associated with local country music. The basic form of a Cuban son is son montuno. The word montuno refers to the mountain region of the Oriente (Montaña = mountain). Son Montuno was transported to Havana in 1909 with traveling sugar workers and army units transferred from the Oriente. The performance of son music was considered to be related to the Afro-Cuban subculture, prostitution, and poor lifestyle, and throughout the 1910s, Havana police routinely confiscated and destroyed son bands. The breakthrough of the style was helped by the emergence of several radio stations in Havana, the growing interest of U.S. record companies in Cuban music market segments, and the support of influential, wealthy sponsors. As a dance, son differs from Cuban couple salsa in its rhythm and son has fewer patterns and translations than salsa. Son is a calmer couple dance than salsa, based on subtle movements of the body, especially the upper body. Finding the right style and technique at son is often more challenging than salsa.

BOOMBATA is a fast-paced and energetic hour where we guarantee that you sweat and your heart rate rises to the pace of latin dances (and other hits)! In this class, the sequences don’t matter so much, the main thing is that it’s fun and you develop your fitness! 

COUPLE KIZOMBA is a sensual, originally African couple dance. It has been influenced by semba, zouk, coladeira, tango and merengue and has evolved into a world dance that pulls through Angolan youth.

REGGAETON is currently the most popular nightclub dance in Latin America. Reggaeton is a very versatile solo dance, which has been influenced by different dance genres, e.g. afro dances, hip hop, and traditional Caribbean and South American dance styles. In fast-paced reggaeton movements, you can use your entire body, especially your hips and upper body. Sexy reggaeton class delves into feminine and sensual body use.