Julio, who has trained as a dancer in Cuba, has more than 20 years of experience in Cuban popular and folk dances both as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. He graduated in 1996 as a dancer and dance teacher at the Escuela Profesional de Arte Samuel Feijo. He continued studying dance at the ISA School of Art, where Julio became acquainted with, among other things, the methodology and pedagogy of dance teaching.

During his career, Julio has starred in several dance performances both in Cuba and internationally in Colombia, Canada and Sweden, among others. His work as a teacher has brought much praise to Julio, he has been elected as a member of UNEAC, among others, to which artists and writers who promote the development of Cuban culture are elected as members. As a teacher, Julio is very skillful and patient. His lessons are of high quality and standard, with a focus on practicing technique and finding the right rhythm.