Entrance to Baila Baila goes through Pueblo Bar (Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki). Note! If Pueblo’s door isn’t open you can get inside by ringin the doorbell on the right side of Pueblo (where is dor to the stairs). We do prefer moving throught Pueblo though.

You do not need to register in advance for the lessons. Please arrive on time.

A student registers and pays for the lesson with the registration machine, or to the secretary before the lesson starts. Students with the anytime card must also register for the lessons.

If you participate in more than one lesson, register for all of them at the same time, or again before the lesson starts.

Students should come to the lessons on time.

The Baila Baila dancing cards are personal.

You need a doctor’s certificate to get an extension to the validity of a card. For a term fee coverage you get an extension only if your sick leave exceeds 30 days.

A term fee is meant to be paid at once, it cannot be paid in instalments, and you cannot get a discount even if you buy it in the middle of a term.

The school is not responsible for shoes left on the shoe rack, or items left in the locker rooms.

Baila Baila reserves the right for changes regarding instructors and lessons.


Come to the lessons in comfortable and sporty clothes, which make it easy to move, e.g.

– a tank top or T shirt
– training pants or skirt
– indoor sneakers or dance shoes

– T-shirt
– pants
– indoor shoes

If you participate in several consecutive lessons, bring a change of shirts. In couple dance lessons in particular, it is good to pay attention to fresh presence.