Baila Baila’s Christmas break will continue until January 11th, 2022 and the spring season will begin at Baila Baila Week on Tuesday, January 11th, unless otherwise indicated. You can find the updated Baila Baila Week Schedule & Spring Season Schedule on our website and all purchased Baila Baila Week hourly tickets will automatically move forward one week.

🔺Spring Season & Trial Week moves forward one week and begins on Tuesday 11.1.
🔺All dance lessons have been canceled from 27th of December to 10th of January, for the period between.
🔺A newsletter has been sent to members regarding membership fees, if you have not received a membership newsletter, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and contact us at
🔺Dance cards are postponed by two full weeks.
🔺We will inform you more if the situation changes and when we open the dance school again for dancing. We are following AVI releases and hope to start the spring season in the second week of January!

Peaceful breaks and the beginning of the year for everyone – January will see you dancing! 🤩