Updated corona instructions

Please read the updated corona instructions (23.11.), before coming to class next week! We hope that all our customers respect our instructions and behave accordingly towards fellow dancers, so that we can continue dancing til the ends of the year. Even though this fall has been full of dancing and our classes have been full, we still live in a difficult time and only working together according to the instructions we can continue dancing til the end of the year!

❗ Due to decreasing the limit of participants per studio for the next three weeks, registering to classes beforehand becomes even more important than before. We offer classes every day of the week as well as our most popular classes several times per week, therefore, if your favourite class is full one day, please check the other days from our schedule.

We really really hope that you wear a mask and we ask all our customers to wear one in common areas (dressing rooms, coming to and going from classes, in between the classes…) and in couple dance classes.

Baila Baila On Sundays continues, but we have cut the limit of participants to to 20 people according to the restrictions. You need to register and pay before Sunday. The 20 first gets in. You can pay by bank transfer or at Baila´s office.

😷 We sell masks with Baila’s logo for 29,90€ each and we really recommend wearing them when dancing. The masks are of high quality and make dancing more comfortable than with a disposable mask.

🎥 Our online classes continue for the rest of the year – they make it easy to follow along from your own living room. Dancing is magical even though you can’t make it to the dance school!

Thank you for your cooperation and welcome dancing at Baila Baila or our online classes.