Dear customers. With the significant regional regulations, we will close the dance school on Monday 1.3 from normal hourly operation. The closure is valid from March 1 to March 14. and we will follow instructions in the future. The closure means dance schools in the Helsinki metropolitan area, so there is no choice. Together we believe but we will also survive this lock and fortunately the dance does not have to end completely!

One-time cards go on a new break for the duration of the lock. Other dance cards (member and spring season) will take a break if announced separately ( Whenever possible, we truly hope support for this ongoing and infinite planned situation.

➡️ Dance classes continue in small groups 1.-7.3. week by week. The classes are 15 € / hour and the standard dance cards are not accepted as a method of payment. Placement numbers and arrangements for the regional government agency determined during the lessons in small groups of 10 people. And we have developed special guidelines for class participants, which must be approved before coming to class.

➡️ Couple classes only with your own partner – we do not rotate the partners, register at the same time!

➡️ You can now register for Monday’s lessons, we will publish the schedule for the rest of the week as an important piano. We apologize for the delay.

➡️ We reserve the right to cancel classes 8 hours before the start if we do not get the number of participants to be viewed for the hour. In this case, we will refund the money back to the customer against the account number. The customer has the right to cancel the hour for 12 hours at the beginning, when the money will be transferred to the “balance” and available for later. No refunds or transfers will be made for late canceled hours.

➡️ We try to make the best use of online lessons, so stay tuned for them! Dancing, but just at home, is better than not dancing at all.🤩

Better times are always ahead and the dance does not end, just a small break! ❤️🙏🏾