Bachata Helsinki: start dancing bachata at Baila Baila when it suits you best! Are you a new customer and haven’t tried our classes before? You can join in at any time and for new customers the first trial class is half the price without commitment!


Bachata – a swinging dance that steals the heart

Bachata dance originally originated in the Dominican Republic and over the years it has become a very popular form of social dance around the world, as well as in Helsinki. Bachata music is rocking and romantic, that gives rhythm and atmosphere to the dance. Bachata is like salsa, an octagonal dance that combines different patterns and body movements with steps.

Today, Bachata has evolved and divided into several different styles: bachata sensual, Dominican style bachata and bachata fusion are danced, among others. These different forms of bachata vary in music, step patterns, body use, but the rhythm and basics remain more or less the same.

Dance bachata in the center of Helsinki – your first * trial class -50%

Are you dreaming of starting a bachata? This adorable Latin dance is guaranteed to steal your heart and you can dance in Baila several days a week under the guidance of our top teachers! Bachata is one of the hottest dance classes in Helsinki and very popular in the city’s social dance circles. Bachata can be danced as a pair or as a solo in different bachata classes. Baila Baila offers bachata in Helsinki for both beginners and long line dancers.

Bachata lessons can be found in basic paribachata for bachata ladies style lessons. See detailed lesson descriptions and our schedule and choose the most suitable hour for you!

Bachatatunteja löytyy perus paribachatasta bachata ladies style tunteihin. Katso tarkat tuntikuvaukset ja aikataulumme ja valitse juuri sinulle sopivin tunti! 

Why start bachata Helsinki?

  1. The swinging and romantic dance brings a smile to your face and the magic of dancing to your everyday life!
  2. This global dance can be danced anywhere in the world! 
  3. A strong bachata community brings new friends with your new hobby into your life.
  4. Who wouldn’t want to start a wonderful and joyful dance hobby?


*The offer requires that you haven´t been to Baila Baila dance classes or events before. The offer applies to one dance class and can only be sed once.

Listen to the hottest bachata songs and feel the bachata rhythms before coming to class!

Bailando Bachata – Lirow

Tü – Dustin Richie 

Mala – Mr. Don, Lirow

Eso Es Amor – Jiory