Yoanki Terán

Yoanki is born in Havanna, Kuuba. He works as singer, songwriter and dance teacher. Music has been a big part of Yoankis life since his childhood. He started his musical career with studying classical singing, music theory and composing. Also sports have been a big part of his life. When he was younger he was the junior champion in Taekwondo in Havanna.

Like many other Cubans, also Yoankis life has been fullfilled with dance. In 2008 he studied dances in Escuela de Bailes Cubano Narciso Medina Narrciso in Havanna. In 2009 Yoanki moved to Finland. He found his interest to angolan dances kizomba and semba, and focused on learning them with the europen masters. Nowadays Yoanki teaches salsa, reggaeton, kizomba and semba around Finland. As a teacher Yoanki is supporting and positive, he for sure gets a smile on his students faces!