Roynet Perez

Roynet is well known for his original style, professional skills and artistic expressions, as well as his captivating charisma. He was born in Havana, where he grew up surrounded with music. And the rhythms of claves and drums guided him to the “world’s largest dance school – on the streets”. Roynet started his dancing career in 2003, when he won several casino competitions in his home country Cuba and also internationally. As a result of these competitions, he was called the “Monarca del casino” – master of the Casino aka Cuban Couple Salsa. Nowadays he is still known in Cuba with this spectacular nickname. In 2008, Roynet moved to Finland and started teaching various Cuban dances, bachata, kizomba and hip hop. Roynet has also taught in many different sport centers for example latinmix, streetsalsa, reggaeton and zumba. Roynet is also the European Champion of Cuban Salsa 2010 and is a popular teacher and performer not only in Finland but also throughout the European salsa festival. As a teacher, he wants to defend and promote Cuban dances and art around the globe and gives – not just good – but the best!