Teaching levels


YELLOW = BEGINNERSHere you don’t need any experience. We will slowly take a look at basic steps, rythms and techniques. This is the place to start! When you have visited about 6 months or more on these lessons then you might want to take a step further and try other levels also. In our schedule there is yellow backround colour also on those lessons that are suitable for everyone: boombata, jooga, zumba, etc.

GREEN = IMPROVERSImprovers level you should already know the basics. Quicker learners can come and try these lessons right away or after a couple of weeks of training. Notice that we don’t have beginners lessons (yeallow) in all of our styles. On our more special lessons (for example salsa con rumba, ladies style) you should already know the basics and this is why these lessons are available from level 1 only. You can also keep on going on level 1 and on beginners lessons at the same time. Level 1 is still easy going but challenges will increase weekly.

BLUE = INTERMEDIATEIntermediate level will be suitable for you after you have danced one year (about). You have better knowledge about the basics and you are ready to learn more advanced choreos. On level 2 we will learn how to dance with faster music and we are focusing to manage social dancing. Teaching is also quicker and challenges will be rising weekly.

PURPLE = ADVANCEDOn advanced level you can already dance free dancing and you have good understanding about the rythms ans basic patterns. You should also know and learn pretty quickly something about styling. on level 3 we will focus on new choreos, patterns, more advanced styling and most important to find your own dancing style.

ORANGE = Special groupsSome of these Special groups will be closed from the beginning of the year but some of groups have open trial period. You can see these from our schedule. In these groups we will train harder and more focused and we will make choreos etc. Students should attend on every class (if something comes up of course you can always negotiate with teacher).