Nicole is a skilled and great yoga teacher in Helsinki. And now she starts to host the YOGA classes also at Baila Baila.

In 2007, Nicole started nursing studies in the Philippines and graduated from the school in 2011. After this she started to teach also yoga. Nicole has had numerous Yoga Courses mm. Dylan Werner Master Class Workshops, as well as Thai Yoga Massage Workshop. In addition to these prestigious courses Nicole has also completed YOGA-certification RYT 200 Yoga HR Ay urveda Threapy (2015).

Nicole has good work experience from 2013. Then she started Yoga lessons in Manila, at many different yoga studios. She has also been as The Bali House’s Managing Director from 2014 to 2015. After moving to Finland, Nicole has worked in many yoga studios as an instructor. It is a pleasure to have her lesson also to the Baila Baila schedual.

Nicole Betita