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Terms and conditions:

Transactions conducted through Baila Baila Online Shop are regulated by Finnish law and Baila Baila’s terms and conditions of tickets. Purchases made from Baila Baila Online Shop are final and cannot be cancelled once you have made the purchase.

Correctness of the information:

Buyer is responsible for providing correct information for the purchase and delivery of dance cards and tickets. Baila Baila is not responsible for any problems in sending the confirmation or delivering the tickets due to the errors in given information or any damage resulting from this.

Changing and cancellation of tickets:

Tickets purchased from Baila Baila Online Shop cannot be changed or returned.

Student and pensioner discounts:

Students receive a discount on certain tickets, you will need a student card when using the tickets. If you do not have a student card the front desk staff has the right to charge the full price. Those entitled to a pensioner discount must show a Kela card with photo and the text “eläkkeensaaja/pensioner”, a basic pension card without a photo or an employment pension card issued by an employee pension company. An identity card must always be shown with pension cards that have no photo.

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