Carlos Camba

Carlos Camba is an Angolan citizen but now he is living in Finland. Carlos is a dance teacher, and I teach Kizomba & Semba. He has been teaching in Finland since 2014. During these years he has been teaching but also learning too.

Just to give us a good education Carlos has been in many dance courses and workshops particularly in Angola. The main focus in teaching are the basic step of the dance, the body language (movement) during the dance, how to play with your waist during the dance and so on. And all of these things can also be applied in social or urban dances.

Carlos has really good relationships with his students. He believes that communication and good sense of humour are really important on the classes. Carlos teaches anyone who is willing to learn, doesn’t matter age or gender, for him everyone is welcomed.

Carlos thinks himself as a choreographer and teacher with a very good communication skills.