Baila Baila Membership terms and conditions:

As a Baila Baila member you can dance as much as you want for fixed monthly fee. Membership suits best for those who like to dance a lot. To become a member you will need to sign an agreement at Baila Baila office.

Terms of the membership are:

This agreement is made between member personally and Dance School Baila Baila Oy. The minimum term of the agreement is 12 months and the first 12 months of the agreement is fixed term. Fixed term starts on a date written in the agreement and the agreement cannot be cancelled during this term. After the fixed term the agreement becomes permanent unless it is cancelled one month prior the end of fixed term. After the agreement is permanent, term of notice is one month.

Member cards are personal and misusing them can lead to a termination of membership and cancellation of the agreement. If membership needs to be terminated and the agreement cancelled before the fixed term, member is still liable for paying all the fees that is left before the end of fixed term.

If membership is paid partly or fully by someone else than a member, for example an employer, member is still personally liable for all the payments included into the agreement. Terms of this agreement do not extend to third parties.

If member doesn’t pay the invoice despite a reminder, Dance School Baila Baila is entitled to collect penalty interest and a fee for the reminder according the law. If invoiced need to handed over to collection agency, member is liable for the extra costs that will follow.

In case of member not paying the invoice despite a reminder, the membership can be terminated and agreement cancelled immediately. In this case member is still responsible for paying the previous invoices as well as what is left of the fixed term agreement.

Monthly membership fee is paid by invoice sent to the member and it needs to paid on due date.

Member can apply to freeze hers/ his membership for one month. Freezing means putting the membership on hold for one month. During this time membership card is locked and cannot be used and no membership fees are charged. Freezing can be admitted for the period of one month per year and it will lengthen the membership period by one month when contract is fixed term.

In special cases such as pregnancy, moving to a different city or such member can terminate the agreement with one month notice. Sick leave lasting over ten days can be compensated by continuing the agreement by the same number of days as the sick leave has been. In these circumstances a note from doctor that shows the sick leave period needs to be brought to Baila Baila office.

Prices are revised every year. Changes are communicated through Dance School information channels at least one month prior the changes. Dance School Baila Baila reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement by announcing it on information boards in advance. If member feels that  hers / his interest are considerably weakened by these changes, the membership can be cancelled with one month notice.

Termination of this agreement must be done in written by email to All information concerning of ending the agreement such as notes from doctor must be brought to Baila Baila office or sent by post to the address: Tanssikoulu Baila Baila Oy, Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki.

Get a Baila Baila gift voucher for a friend or a family member. The voucher is valid 12 months after purchase. You can get your voucher directly from the dance school during lessons (Eerikinkatu 27). Take a closer look at how to purchase Baila Baila gift voucher!