BAILA BAILA WEEK 2.1. – 8.1.2018
Welcome to come and try all classes of Dance School Baila Baila spring schedule for half price!! For seven days all classes from our spring schedule are presented and they are all -50%, only 7.50€ per class.
BB Week has almost Baila Baila regular weekly schedule so you´ll have plenty to choose from! All the first timers, old school Latin dancers and everything in between are warmly welcome to Baila Baila!
Beginners classes start from the scratch so you don’t need any prior dance experience. Dancing is a great and fun exercise form that suits any age or any fitness level. Just take a water bottle with you and wear some comfortable clothes suitable for exercising! You can also bring light soled indoor shoes if you have them, or you can also dance without shoes if you wish.
You can come to couple classes by yourself or with your own pair, our professional teachers will rotate pairs to make sure everyone will get to dance.

Find the schedule and all updated info at Facebook event here or check out the spring schedule here.

7,50€ per class can be purchased from Baila Baila Office prior the class. You don’t need to sign up in advance, we have five different size studios so everyone will fit in.
Please make sure to arrive early as there might be a queue. Office is opens about 45min before the first class and closes after the start of the last class. Cards are welcome but if you have cash, the queue will most likely be shorter. You can also sign up to several classes at once so you’ll avoid queuing between the classes.