Baila Baila is opening spring season 2.1.-20.1.2019 with all beginners classes and Boombata -50%, only 7,50€/per class

Our spring season starts on 2nd January and our schedule of over 115 weekly classes is full of different level classes from beginners to advanced. At the start of the season it is a perfect time to test classes, new styles and old favorites and find your own classes for the spring season. Our selection of classes includes for example salsa, bachata, reggaeton, kizomba, afro, rumba, belly dance, parison, boombata and much more!! Latin dances suit everyone, all ages, both men and women, and it is a fun way to bring more exercise and happiness into your life!

Dance School Baila Baila has the widest selection of Latin dances in Helsinki, during the spring season classes run every day and there is over 115 weekly classes in five studios to choose from. New beginners classes run seven days a week and for example salsa in beginners level can be danced nearly every day.


At Baila Baila you don’t need to sign up for a specific class at certain time every week because you can choose each week the classes that fit best into your schedule. You don’t have to sign up in advance either, you can do that when arriving to dance school. Only exception is Tuesday morning Mom and Baby classes, for these classes you need to sign up in advance and the season opening offer is not valid.

If you pay single tickets, you can purchase them from the office or if you have the white Baila card, you can sign up at the computer. You can also purchase several single tickets at once to avoid queuing between the classes. Our office opens half an hour before the first class. Baila Baila is located 5min from Kamppi Metro station, the entrance is through Bar Pueblo, at Eerikinkatu 27, 00180 Helsinki.

On couple classes you can participate with or without your own pair. Pairs are rotated during the classes so everyone gets to dance with pair. You don’t need any specific clothes for dancing either, you can wear any comfortable clothing you would normally use while exercising. Indoor shoes need to have light color soles, but you can also dance without shoes if you wish. It is good to bring your water bottle too.

There will probably be queues before the classes, so make sure to arrive early. Outdoor shoes are left on hallway. Both men and women locker rooms and saunas are recently renovated and modern.

Beginners classes in January start from the basics so you don´t need any prior dancing experience.


Spring schedule is here.

Beginners classes 2.1.-20.1.2019 are only 7,50€/per hour. You can also pay with your 10 or 20 times card if you wish. For single tickets you can pay at Baila office, or if you use Baila card, you can sign up at the computer. You can also purchase several tickets at once so you can avoid queuing between the classes. Studio for each class will be determined according the number of people participating and will be shown on office screen 5 minutes prior the class. This way we can choose the right size studio for the class and it also makes it possible to fit everyone in. Each class is about 55min long.

Baila Baila spring season will be full of happy and energetic dance classes, hot latin rhythms and super fun and relaxed dance events. Jump on board now and start a new joyful dance hobby at Baila Baila!

You are warmly welcome!!