12.11. BB On Sundays – Beginners Paradise

Baila Baila on SUNDAYS and beginners paradise is here!!

Awesome atmosphere, free dancing and easy teaching during the night! Please take your indoor shoes with you. Welcome!

PROGRAM (note, teaching is always 15 min and you can take part if you like):

klo 18.00 Doors
klo 18.15 Kizomba Drop In
klo 19.00 Kizomba Drop In
klo 19.45 Kizomba Drop In
klo 20.30 Kizomba Drop In

Starring DJ Yoanky!! Two dance floors: Kizomba and Salsa & Bachata.

Open: 18.00-22.00
Tickets: 5 euroa
Address: Eerikinkatu 27, Tanssikolu Baila Baila

We sell only soft drinks.

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