This year at Baila Baila’s Summer Festival we have special pre-festival workshops with the fresh world champions of bachata, Marcelo and Belen, as well as the gorgeous Cuban all star Yunaisy Farray.

Workshops are intensive courses that last for a total of 3 hours, but are divided into two days (wed and thu) for one and a half hours at a time.

MARCELO & BELEN BACHATA, IMPORTANT!!! Marcelo & Belen will teach only at these pre-festival workshops, so this will be unique opportunity to learn with the world champions.

Bachata Fusion Workshop:

Wed 1.8. at 17-18.30 and thu 2.8. at 17-18.30, the course will cover various themes of bachata. musicality and musical feeling, bodyrolls, dips & tricks etc.

Bachata Showstyle Workshop:

Wed 1.8. at 18.30-20 and thu 2.8. at 18.30-20, the course introduces more advanced show elements and masterclass level styling.


Femmology Workshop:

Wed 1.8. at 17-18.30 and thu 17-18.30, Femmology is a workshop exclusively for women, where through the body, movement, dance, music, light and floor you will find yourself and praise your own femininity. Femmology has gained fierce popularity in the US and Yunaisy Farray has created her own Cuban sensual version for European women. Femmology is open to all levels, this course is intended for those who want to find, touch, see and love their own femininity through dancing. Femmology is a type of therapy combined with dance, and it also addresses the general problems that women face in society.

Heels are desirable but not mandatory. Yunaisy hopes that the ladies would attend the course in the most sensual clothes, in order to bring out eveone’s own inner queen. In the following link you can see some promo of Yunaisy’s Femmology course in Barcelona:

Cuban Sensual Showstyle Workshop:

Wed 1.8. at 17.30-20 and 2.8. at 17.30-20, the workshop includes advanced Cuban dance show elements, technology and choreography. The students of the course can possibly perform the choreography with Yunaisy at Summer Festival’s evening party.

There’s a pre registration by e-mail to: This is important in bachata workshops to maintain good balance in the couples and in Yunaisy courses to have enough space for everyone.


1 pre-festival workshop 60 € (3h)

2 pre-festival workshops 100 € (6h)

Also access to these workshops with the Summer Festival X-TREME FESTIVAL PASSI !!! Buy yours right away!!!!

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